Steps to Take if You Have Roof Storm Damage

Steps to Take if You Have Roof Storm Damage

Storms aren't exactly something you look forward to. In fact, you usually hunker down in your home until it passes. But afterward, your roof may have suffered storm damage. Cornerstone General Contracting offers storm damage roof repair. Below, we'll go over the steps to take if you think your roof needs repairs. Call our Texas roofing company today!

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Call for a Professional Roof Inspection

The first thing you'll want to do is determine the extent of the damage. This will undoubtedly take a professional roofer. They will inspect your roof and then draw up a report of their findings. They will probably take photos of the damage, too. Call for a free roof inspection in the Dallas/Fort Worth area today!

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Repair Severe Damage

You'll want to have a temporary roof repair job in order to ensure no further damage is done. For example, if a tree falls on your roof and leaves a hole, you'll need to get this repaired right away to stop any further water damage and the like.

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Contact Your Insurance Company

Most homeowners' insurance policies cover roof storm damage. You'll want to contact your insurance company and find out their process for submitting a claim. Most likely, they will need your roof inspection report.

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Schedule Roof Repairs

Once your insurance company has assessed and approved the claim, it's time to schedule your storm damage roof repair. You'll want to partner with a local roofing contractor who excels in craftsmanship and high-quality roof repairs. Call Cornerstone General Contracting today.


Our local roofing company offers exceptional storm damage roof repairs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With more than 20 years of experience, we have built a reputation on offering superior roofing materials at affordable prices with excellent customer service. Call for a free roof inspection today!