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For more than 20 years, Cornerstone General Contracting has provided high-quality roofing installation and repair services to Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. With our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, we can provide you with a roof suitable for your home in aesthetics and functionality.

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Over time, wear and tear can take a toll on your home, requiring roof repairs or even replacement. We'll work with you to decide on a roof that fits your home's style and safety and help you select the materials that are best for your house. This ensures the roof itself suits the structure to avoid future damage or issues.

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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

  • Leaks or Cracks in Your Attic Ceiling - If you go into your attic during the day and find rays of sunlight breaking through or small leaks, there’s a strong chance your roof is due for a replacement.
  • Time - A typical asphalt shingle roof is intended to last about 20-25 years. Check your house’s records to see when your roof was last replaced. If you’re over the mark, a replacement could save you from a lot of surprise headaches.
  • Faulty Flashing - Flashing seals the seams in your roof, making it waterproof. These seams can be around vents, skylights, and chimneys. Check them periodically for cracks or breaks. If you find any, the odds are other parts of your roof will start failing soon, which means it might be time for a replacement.
  • Rot - A roof that appears to be sagging needs to be examined immediately. This is almost always a sign of rotting boards and, if left unchecked, can result in significant property damages and is dangerous for home inhabitants. If you smell a rotten scent in your attic or see any drooping, an immediate roof repair or replacement is vital.
  • Shingles - Your shingles should lie flat on your roof. If they’re falling off or being easily upturned by storms, it could be a sign they’re losing their efficacy. Additionally, checking your gutters for shingle granules is also useful for determining how much life your roof has left before needing replacement.
  • Coloring - How much have your shingles faded? Did they start black and are now pale gray? Does your rich espresso-colored roof now look more like a latte? It’s probably time to replace it, and not just for the aesthetic. Roofs that show their age in fading will most likely follow in reduced function.
  • Plant Growth - Moss or mold growing on your roof can be a sign of a deeper problem, such as trapped moisture. Shaded portions of your roof harbor these growths and need to be inspected for excess moisture, which can easily lead to rot. Both are a sign a roof may need replacement.

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Our highly-trained technicians perform a variety of roofing services on many types of roofs and homes. We have dedicated ourselves to high-quality work so you can genuinely appreciate the roof over your head. Whether you need your entire roof replaced or you only have a few broken shingles, Cornerstone General Contracting can assist you with any roof repair, no matter how large or small.



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We provide high-quality roof replacements at reasonable prices. We’ll work closely with you to make sure you get exactly the roof you need.

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Do you notice shingles out of place after a storm? Have a leak from damage that needs fixing? We can help. Call us today for fast service.

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Concerned your roof might have issues you can’t see? Get peace of mind with a thorough roof evaluation from Cornerstone.

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Don’t see an option for your specific repair need? Still call us. We’ll figure out how to fix your roofing issue.

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Why Choose Cornerstone?

Twenty years in the roofing industry have taught us a thing or two. At the end of any job, if you’re not satisfied, neither are we. We strive to complete your roof repair or replacement with the highest-quality materials, a focus on craftsmanship, and a friendly attitude. We want our neighbors in Dallas and Fort Worth to be confident that their roof will protect them and their families for decades to come.

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Spend more time focusing on the important things in your life. Cornerstone General Contracting is proud to be a premier roofing service company in Texas committed to our craft and providing you with a roof you can trust. Contact us today with any questions regarding roof repairs, installations, and more!

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